A Five-Point Checklist When Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Ghana


Electricity may be an indispensable part of your daily life, but fixing an electrical problem through a DIY solution may worsen the problem, and even put yourself or those around you at risk....

To prevent a fatal mishap, you should enlist the services of a professional electrical contractor who can handle all kinds of electrical emergencies. With experience and expertise on their side, they can diagnose the root cause of an electrical problem which could protect you and your loved ones and save you a fortune. Apart from this, the primary function of an electrical contractor is to design, install and maintain electrical systems. You could also hire them when you need new wiring, lighting replacement, electrical upgrade, troubleshoot issues, and so on. When hiring a reliable professional, there are many factors to keep in mind, such as licensing, qualification, budget, attitude, etc. To make the search process easier, here is a five-point checklist you can keep in mind when engaging the services of an electrical contractor.

  • 1. Customer service.
  • A vital factor to consider when choosing an electrical contractor is the quality of customer service. Ensure you receive a level of service wherein needs are tailored to your precise requirements and concerns are addressed. One way of verifying a customer-focused business is through testimonials or customer reviews. Seek out a company like Electricals Ghana who strives to provide customer service that is above the rest.

  • 2. Range of services.
  • An electrical company should provide quality installations and repairs across a broad spectrum of services, from replacing a light at your workplace and rewiring your home to installing a generator for an industrial organization. You can then be rest assured that your electrical contractor will never have a job too big to handle. Electricals Ghana can accommodate the electrical needs of every commercial, industrial and residential client.

  • 3. Team of technicians.
  • An electrical firm cannot be customer-focused without being employee-driven. Electrical contractors should not only be well-qualified and experienced, but they should also have the capacity and commitment to see a problem through. It is essential to ascertain the exact team assigned to your project to avoid any confusion or surprise. Electricals Ghana employs friendly and well-trained staff to help customers achieve their goals.

  • 4. Troubleshooting.
  • When wires overheat or equipment malfunctions, it is beneficial to have technicians who possess the expertise to handle serious electrical issues. A resourceful electrical contractor identifies a defect at an early stage and can quickly resolve it. The electricians at Electricals Ghana are good troubleshooters and can find problems and repairs as needed.

  • 5. Pricing.
  • Before starting any work, a professional contractor or company should provide an estimated quote or offer an accurate proposal based on your project. Be aware of any additional costs or excess hidden charges. After the completion of the electrical work, if something goes wrong, ensure the electrical services provided carry a warranty.

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