Common Electrical Problems of Commercial Buildings in Ghana


Do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos about keeping your building’s electrical works in good condition abound, but nothing beats an expert licensed electrician’s skills.....

Do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos about keeping your building’s electrical works in good condition abound, but nothing beats an expert licensed electrician’s skills when it comes to commercial buildings in Singapore that are much more complicated than an average household.

Here are twelve of the most common electrical problems in commercial buildings that need the expertise of a good electrician.

Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Offices need to have functioned light bulbs all the time to complete daily operations, However,, electrical devices need occasional fine-tuning, repair, and replacement when overused. A licensed electrician will not just replace the office’s burnt out light bulbs easily, but they can also check for faulty or loose circuit and socket that an amateur eye might overlook.

Flickering or Dim Lights

Dimming or flickering lights are not good for any business, but sometimes replacing the bulbs alone do not do the trick. When bulb replacement does not work, a more serious problem such as a poor connection in the circuit might be the cause. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible by an electrician services company in Singapore because it can lead to power arching.

Tripping Breakers

When the office’s circuit is using too much energy, it could be overloading. Ignoring this problem might start a fire, especially if the building constantly uses electronic devices. The best solution is to hire a good electrician to determine whether the office needs to add a circuit or to upgrade it’s electrical service.

Dead Outlets

Dead outlets can lower office productivity, because most businesses today rely heavily on electronic devices. It could be a sign that there is a poor circuit connection or the circuit breaker has tripped due to an excessive buildup of heat. Call a licensed electrician to inspect the office’s electrical works and prevent outlet wiring melting or fire hazards.

Electrical and Grounding System Problems

This issue does not often show any functional signs and tend to be overlooked, but it’s a serious problem that’s usually caused by improper and unbalanced branch circuit’s and wired feeders. Hire a professional electrician to inspect your building’s electrical works to correct this problem.

Unprotected Wiring

Offices should have secure and protected wiring to avoid issues with the power supply. This is why there are also building regulations that state where and how wiring should be placed to protect them from the elements and human tampering.

Wrong Wire Length

There are regulations that need to be followed when stripping wires to reveal the metal core when making an electrical connection. Wrong wire length can cause problems later that will interrupt the power connection and cause short circuit’s . A skilled electrician should know that a six-inch length is the standard for wires in the outlet box.

Insecure Wiring

Hiring an amateur electrician to install the office’s wiring is bad investment, because there are instances where the wires are stapled too tightly, causing damage to the wire it’s elf. Ignoring this problem can lead to electrical fires and problems with the devices and lighting in the office.

Loose Connections

Loose connections, which can sometimes happen after renovations and repairs in the building, can lead to overheating and arcing, which in turn can lead to injuries and start a fire. A licensed electrician in Singapore is trained to create safe and tight electrical connections that will not get bent, damaged, and twisted.

Faulty Installation

Improper installation of telephones, air-conditioning, water heaters, and other equipment in commercial buildings can lead to fire hazards, that is why you should only hire an expert electrician when installing any device in the office that uses electricity, because they are trained to check for mistakes and problems in the building’s electrical works and they are also well-versed in the codes and regulations of installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Few Outlets

A business that is still growing will also need to expand and upgrade their equipment. However,, most overlook the need for adding more outlets and instead rely on power strips and extension cords. This can be a fire hazard, that is why you should hire an electrician who can inspect, troubleshoot, and upgrade your office’s electrical works expertly.

Electrical Fires

Misuse, overuse, and improper installation of electrical devices can lead to various problems, especially in offices that rely on computers a lot. Proper maintenance, repair, and replacement should be done regularly by a licensed electrician to make sure that the office is safe from fire. If your office is also planning to perform upgrades, it’s important to talk to a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of your investment.

Commercial buildings need to have their electrical works inspected regularly by a reputable electrician services company in Ghana to ensure public safety and for a smooth office operation daily. It’s an investment that will also help your company expand, upgrade, and grow successfully.